5 Crucial SEO Mistakes You Might Be Doing

SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

5 Crucial SEO Mistakes You Might Be Doing

Even after planning and strategizing SEO techniques for your website, you are still not able to rank higher? Are you still on the same road? Are you still not able to climb the ladder to the first page? 

Here’s why you are still stagnant! Because you are getting it wrong from the beginning!

Put your mind at ease because we have got your back. By the end of reading this article, you’ll get familiar with the top 5 common mistakes every entrepreneur, marketer, etc might have made and how to correct them.


Top 5 Common SEO Mistakes

1. Lack of Keyword Research: The dilemma of choosing between generic keyword and specific and broad keyword. The use of a specific and long-tail keyword will serve the targeted audience whereas generic keyword though will bring traffic but the chances of them converting into customers are low. Lack of Keyword Research fails to provide you with what the users are looking for. While Keyword planning you need to take factors in mind like competition, the volume of searches, trends, etc. You need to know what your targeted audience searches for. Use of Keyword Research Tool like Google Keyword Planner, KWFinder, SEMrush will help you. 


2. Keyword Stuffing: Search engine algorithms discourages keyword stuffing and may lead to penalization. Moreover, the overuse of keywords leads to bad user experience and increases bounce rate. So, the use of appropriate and related keywords at the right time with rich-content is what the user demands. The use of LSI Keyword will help you.


3. Lack of consistent analyzation: People tend to ignore consistent website analyzation and performance checks. Analyzing your website ranking, conversion rate and tracking results for future SEO strategizing should be done. Proper auditing and monitoring should be done. You can use analyzing and monitoring SEO tools like Google Analytics, Google’s Webmaster tools, Woorank, etc.


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“Investing Time in SEO means Investing in the Future.”

You can even hire SEO Experts that will not only help to get you better ranking but also will help in translating more conversion rates and business growth. You can find one of the best SEO Expert Delhi who will analyze and strategize your website for pulling-in traffic through the implementation of advanced SEO Techniques.


4. Neglecting Local SEO: While aiming for business growth, people tend to forget the importance of local SEO. Being a local business and having a physical location demands to serve content to local users through the use of region-specific keywords, adding the address of your business, phone number, etc. The use of “near me” is a widely popular search by users. Customizing your website for local users so it appears on local search is important for have a better local ranking. You can use Google My Business, MozLocal for optimizing for local users.


5. Not Optimizing Website Speed: Search Engines want to serve its users what they want faster. So one of the ranking factors is – Speed. Slow page speed and more load time affect your ranking because “Time is Money”. Faster Sites = Better User Experience = Higher Ranking and voila! Lower bounce rate and increase in Conversion rate. You can use Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom, WebPage Test tools to analyze your page speed.


Above are the common SEO mistakes with solutions that will help to rank higher. There are other SEO mistakes that you might be doing because of a lack of knowledge. 


Hiring SEO Experts will help you rectify your mistakes and will help to implement the right strategy. You will get #1 SEO Expert Delhi with a skilled and experienced team providing you with customized services with on-page and off-page SEO techniques, finding flaws in your website and correcting them with the right SEO methods. So, Hire one now or Regret Later.


“Design and Optimize your website through SEO Experts.”


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