3 ways to Incorporate SEO into your Inbound Marketing Strategy

SEO into Inbound Marketing Strategy

3 ways to Incorporate SEO into your Inbound Marketing Strategy

In today’s marketing era, SEO is a bandied term which is used by many. It refers to the process of getting ‘free’ traffic from search engines. This is also known as organic search because companies need not pay to be shown in the results or on the top.


In inbound marketing, people are free to search and then share the content. In this blog, I have mentioned some tactics which can be used to incorporate inbound marketing with SEO.



  • Blogging for SEO


For any company, it is important to have one of the active sections on their website is a blog. If you want to boost up your SEO then you must maintain a quality blog which keeps customers interested in your website. Here are some tips that you should follow while creating a blog for your website:-


  • Write for humans – You don’t have to write solely based on keywords but write according to humans.
  • Prioritize headings – When people are reading your blogs then the headings must be catchy. to do so, you need to highlight your headings and headings should be very catchy. because some leaders do not read the prop completely and find out what they are looking for.
  • Longer is better – According to some surveys, it is proved that nowadays 500 words blog are not performing well whereas 1500 words blogs are performing commendably in the market.



  • SEO Battleground: Intent vs. Keyword Optimization 


These days, there’s no such competition between optimized search in the original sense (i.e. placing keywords throughout the content) and answering the questions in the way the audience is looking for. Yes, that’s true that the latter will win almost every time.

Before building any kind of content strategy the marketers should pay attention to customers persona and intent. To keep a regular check on this the marketers should I ask some questions which are mentioned below:-


  • What products or services they have used in past or using currently??
  • What are their pain points?
  • What are the areas they want to know about?
  • What questions do they want to ask?


             To understand the customers intent in much better way marketers can also use Google Analytics and Google trends which can help them to know the recent searches and queries.



  • Social Media never disappoints


Social media and SEO have in inbound strategies and they have countless similarities too. They both rely on the content to gain popularity and public. To do so the companies need to expand their external links to increase the count of followers and work according to the localities.


Google is still walking in the early stages of understanding social signals and also searching social websites, but it’s rapidly evolving. And while social media alone won’t help anyone reach the peak of sharing optimized, useful content on social media certainly won’t get the word out.

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