Some Interesting Tips To Write An SEO Friendly Article

Tips To Write An SEO Friendly Article

Some Interesting Tips To Write An SEO Friendly Article

Do you know that WordPress alone publishes over 2 million articles or blogs every day? That means it comes out to nearly 24 blogs in a split second. If you wanted to count all blog posts, not just WordPress, then the number would surely be higher.


This makes you tough to stand out if you ever wanted to make your post a successful one. But, don’t worry, this is when your knight in shining armour, SEO comes into action.


SEO – short cut for Search Engine Optimisation, is an art of increasing the website trafficking by increasing it’s visibility to the users of the web search engine. It helps you in showing up your blog or website on the main page which indeed helps you in getting more views, likes, shares and comments. 


So, if you want your website to trend and thrive, then you should definitely write SEO friendly content. Once you write, you will surely see better results without increasing your workload. 


But, writing an SEO friendly article is not that easy as it needs a lot of thought and foresight. Here are some tips for you to write an SEO friendly article.



  • Divide The Article Using Headings And Sub-headings


Using headlines and subheaders to divide an article will surely help you with search engine optimisation. They make the article easier to read as it looks skimmable. The search engine robots too will recognise your headings and use them for better understanding. They also increase the keyword saturation.



  • Include Links To Your Previous Content


One of the main ways that a search engine will rank your content is by counting the number of backlinks they get as good content is more likely to get a lot of backlinks (both internal and external). So, if you want to gain traffic for your older articles, then you need to add their links to your newer ones. They also create trust with your readers.



  • Write Longer And High-Quality Content


Along with writing high-quality content, you also need to write longer ones. That is because Google has shown high priority to the longer and high-quality articles from the past several years. It is not enough to write a 300-word article and that doesn’t mean that you need to water down your content. Also, the more articles you publish, the more is the traffic. 



  • Choose Keywords Wisely And Optimize Your Images


First, write down all the keywords relevant to the article, you think can increase your traffic. You can also take help from third-party tools like Serpstat or hire an #1 SEO Expert to list them. Then keeping them in mind, start writing the article using them often. This way you can write more SEO friendly contents.

Also, to make your content more interesting and shareable, you need to add Images. You also need to keep in mind, the size of pictures as larger ones will slow down the load time which indeed affects the SEO.



  • Always Make Your Content Shareable


The next step after making an article more interesting, engaging and rich is to make it shareable. You can do that by using websites like ShareThis or Addthis which help you in including social media buttons on your website so that readers can share them on their social media platform.

Now that you have learnt some tips to write SEO friendly articles, please do follow them and write content that people find interesting and engaging. 

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