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If you are searching for a Search Engine Optimisation Expert in Delhi, then stop looking anymore you are in the right place. Hire a dedicated SEO expert who will give you the best results and save your money and time as well. Sandeep Mehta is a well-known SEO Expert in Delhi. With experience of 5+ years in SEO. I have had worked with numerous clients who are from diverse backgrounds and industries. As you came here with a search engine so, you have seen my website is already ranking high. So, don’t just believe in bluffs see the results as well.

I am not showing up here my success, all I want is just to give just one message. Search Engine Optimization is not that hard as rocket science. It is just a practice that involves time and improvements over time. It can be likely to rank on SERP to any keyword with just good marketing skills, strategies, and planning. Hire SEO expert Delhi to help you with a great SEO strategy and show you its past project rankings.

What Is SEO?

SEO is basically a practice to rank your website on the search engine. And ranking website means increasing visibility of your product and services. It is a process to get traffic from organic (free) search results on SERP. Doing SEO helps you to increase your quality and quantity of traffic on your website organically.

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The Quantity of Traffic:

The quantity of traffic will automatically increase if you are ranking on the first page of Google.The more you are visible to customers the more they will come to your website.

The Quality of Traffic:

The quality of traffic coming to your website will be good. As they are coming to your site after typing the query and Google showed you as a result.These kinds of customers are called nurtured customers. They are the people who already know about your product or service and just finding someone like you.

Organic Search Results:

These are the results which are free of cost. You don't have to pay for high ranking and having the traffic on your website like Paid Ads.

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What SEO actually do and Why should you opt this?

Now SEO is so important than ever. It has become necessary for every website/ company to know the right meaning of SEO and the possibility to work for their business.

SEO helps your business to increase its visibility on search engine result page through your website. The website can be any website whether it is informative, corporative or e-commerce. You can get leads or sale or fulfil your objective according to your business for that you just need to be on high ranking on the first page of search engine result. And SEO will help your website to rank on the first page. For this, you can approach to freelance SEO Expert in Delhi.

It involves the two processes in order to rank on the Search Engine Result Page. First is to make changes to the website design and optimize the content on the website. And other is to backlink the website via reliable and high authority website.

All these are done to increase your website visibility in unpaid and organic results.

Now, the question is how this will be helpful for your website ranking?

Search Engines do scan your website and reads the content and visualizes the design of your websites. Then they determine the type, topic and category of your website and checks how user-friendly it is. This process helps them to provide the most appropriate results to the user’s search query.

Why you should use SEO Campaign primarily?

In any search engine, there are two methods of your website a higher ranking in SERP. One is organic (SEO) and another one is PPC. We have seen organic (SEO) and now what is PPC? PPC stands for pay per click. In PPC, the search engine says pay for the click and get the traffic.

PPC is expensive and your competitors are out there for a long time. But this is a good start to get leads for a short time. In the long run, you need to run both SEO and PPC.    

What is the Benefit of SEO to your Business?

SEO brings many benefits to your business and SEO Expert in Delhi is well aware of it. Here are some benefits of SEO:

Increase Searches for Online Product and Services:

People nowadays are searching for products or services online. SEO will help to rank on the first page to give the visibility of your products and services.

SEO brings you Quality Traffic:

Search Engines traffic is the best quality of traffic. Because searchers are already searching for the problem that you solve. Or we can say that they are searching for products or services. In order to pull that user to your business you just need to appear to them when they search for your product or service. And appearing on right search to convert the searcher for your business SEO fully helps you with that.

Traffic comes from SEO are easy to convert:

Search engine traffic is nurtured already. So it is easy to convert them compared to other sources. All you need to do is just being on top ranking of SERP.

It decreases the cost of acquiring a sale/ lead:

As SEO is organic and does not include any paid advertising to acquire sale or lead. The only cost required is just to hire freelance SEO Expert Delhi who will take care of your SEO activities on your behalf. And rest of the SEO campaign free of cost.

It does not involve a cost, in fact, it is an investment:

As SEO is unpaid and it does not involve any paid advertisement if you have stable SEO ranking. It works in a broader way than paid advertisements and it is a kind of long term investment for your business.

It can increase your sales or leads:

Yes, it is true through SEO your sales or leads will be increased and it will convert fast and easily.

High SEO Rank brings you all time promotion:

SEO works all the time. Your ranking is high on search engine then you’ll get traffic all day, every day. And your ranking will not just go away over the night. So, a high ranked website will promote your business all time 24*7.  A freelance SEO expert ranks a website on the search engine.

SEO Increases Belief and Reliability:

People believe in Google. No matter what they require they Google it first. If your ranking is high on SERP then people will believe you as well. It is measured that most of the click is done only on the first page of SERP.  As they consider them trusted results.

SEO Nurtures Your Customers:

People search on Google for research or get knowledge. On behalf of you, your website will give knowledge to the searchers about your products or services. And this will make them easy to make decisions.

SEO Increases Organic Branding:

 If we keep aside the conversions then SEO also helps you to increase your branding or promotion. SEO will make people get aware of your product and services to whom you cannot reach offline.

SEO can be Measured:

the best part about SEO is you can measure your traffic; your ranking or conversions you are getting from organic results. And you can improve them if they go wrong and you can improve them for more profit as well. You can analyze your potential customer and keywords which are giving your business

SEO gives Direction to Offline Sales as well:

As most of the customers do online research before going to the stores. And through your website, people can get aware of your offline store who doesn’t know about your stores.

Your Competitors already using SEO:

As your competitors already into SEO to compete with them you have to go for SEO sooner or later. Customers are also on the internet. To grow your business you have to be online as well.

benefits of hiring seo expert in delhi

What mistake most of the Companies do, Are you one of them?

The prominent mistake is done by the most of the companies that they go to an expert SEO or a freelance SEO expert or SEO Agency or an SEO consultant after the completion of their website design and development process.

But SEO always begins before the process of development of the website design. As SEO practice means ranking your website on SERP. So, it starts before website development.

Customers who outsource their projects face challenges in performing SEO protocols after the website development. This happens because a maximum number of the developers, designer, and even big web development companies don’t have SEO professionals to provide them direction on best SEO methods. They normally concentrate on module development and deployment according to the client requirements. Moving to the SEO practices is at the last of their job list or mind.

If you require organic traffic on your website then you should hire a dedicated SEO expert at the very initial step of website development. Proper meeting of Expert SEO along with your website development team is really important to create the appropriate SEO Architecture.

What is SEO Architecture & key factors of SEO ranking?

The architecture of a website is very much important and also helps in ranking the website. When it comes to the architecture of the website for SEO perspective then User experience and Search engine Experience is important to consider.

  • User Experience: The very first thing to do is to make sure that the user should find things he/she wants very quickly and easily. And the more ease user will feel on the website the more time user will spend on the website and this will help in SEO because user’s longingness will give positive signals to search engines.
  • Search Engine Experience: The good architecture of the website will help search engine robots to crawl easily and understand the website and do some smart things in order to make the website architecture friendly to those search engines.

Before thinking to work on a keyword to rank, your website should be eligible to rank on SERP. And the architecture of the websites also helps in ranking now.

seo ranking

In order to rank your website some other factors should be considered as well:

A Secure and Accessible Website:

 Your website should be secured and should be easy to access by the search engine. HTTP does not decide the indexing of the page to rank, But According to John Mueller tweet, HTTPS is a light-weight ranking factor. So, if the website is not enabled with SSL certificate then the website is not secured and this will affect ranking your website.

Through SSL your website will be secured and through Robot.txt & Sitemap your website will be accessible for Search Engines robots.

Page Speed (Including Mobile Page Speed):

Page Speed tells the time taken by the page of your website to load. Nowadays page speed has become an ultimate factor to the high rank on SERP due to the latest Google Page Speed update.

Mobile Friendliness:

As I am talking about mobile then let you know that mobile friendliness is also a ranking factor. As the majority of customers are mobile users than desktops or laptops.

Domain Age, URL, and Authority:

The domain age matters a lot as the study says that the older your website is the more it is trustworthy and the factor of ranking as well. The domain name you use for your website also matters for ranking. The URL which includes business keyword name helps you to rank well. There are algorithms which determine the authority of your website and the higher the authority you have you rank accordingly. Sooner or later these factors will help you to rank high on SERP if you go for SEO today.

Optimized Content:

 It is just not like you can write anything on the website and it will get ranked. There is a proper way to write the content and need to optimize according to the algorithms in order to rank high on SERP. As content is the most important factor to rank on SERP it called the King. The good, original or natural, and optimized content is, it will rank high.

Technical SEO:

SEO is a bit technical, so, in order to rank high, you should fulfil your website with those technicalities.

User Experience (RankBrain):

Rank brain is Google’s algorithm which is the 3rd most factor of ranking. It calculates every activity done by the user on your website. It determines that your website is helpful to the users or not. Therefore, give the best user experience you are required to engage your customers to your website. This can be done by experienced SEO experts


Types of linking done on your website are also considered by the robots to rank on SERP. Your website should be well interlinked. You should get links from reliable sites in order to not get spam. Experts are well aware of these linking factors. 

Social Signals:

Social media is not directly related to Google ranking factors. But Social media sites are also good and authoritative. So, getting links from social shares can help as well. It is a ranking factor even it is indirectly.

Real Business Information:

 This factor is important for a business who wants to target for particular local areas. Listings on various platforms and having reviews will also help you to visible on the high rank.

What are the On-page SEO factors?

On page SEO factor all includes the structure of the website, Content, and keywords on which it is targeted. In the on-page technique, Expert SEO focuses on the structure of the website to let users feel good experience and robots can crawl easily to the website. Expert SEO focuses on content quality which is optimized with the targeted keywords. And a good study of keywords which can give more business to you.

What are the Off-page SEO factors?

Another SEO technique is off-page which important in order to rank your website high. In this technique, Expert SEO gives back support to your website. Back support is linking your website with other websites which are related to your business. This working is only done for the robots in order to tell them that your website is also reliable as others are. End-user does not see any of that linking or off-page working. They just see the on-page working.  


SEO Analysis:

It all starts with analyzing your business. And if SEO is already done before then expert SEO analyzes the past working by studying detailed reports they find through various SEO tools.

website analysis

Competitive Analysis:

Then expert SEO analyzes your competitors who are already ranking high. They try to analyze competitor’s techniques and strategies to beat them.

keyword research

Keyword Research:

Now expert SEO starts doing keyword research according to your business. Working on all the keywords will not benefit you. You need to find the keywords which will give you more benefit. And then one by one they cover all the keywords.

On-Page Optimization:

On-page optimization:

After the keyword research, expert SEO starts to work on those keywords and optimize your website or particular pages according to that keyword.

link building

Link Building:

If you want to leave behind your competitor then you must have good and reliable links coming to your website. As this is a ranking factor, expert SEO gives most attention to it.



Expert SEO doesn't just talk they show the real results. You should be known of your work that is why I share the reports to you time to time to build trust and create long term relationship.

Whom to Opt – Freelancer SEO Expert in Delhi or an Expert SEO Agency in Delhi?

Now, you must be confused to whom you should outsource your project, whether it should be a Freelancer SEO Expert in Delhi or an Expert SEO Agency in Delhi.

Then let me tell you about my personal experience because I’ve worked in agencies. They used to work with the same method and technique for every type of industry project. Use old tactics to every project they just prepare a lot of reports to show to the clients and they do unnecessary working which is not required. Do this just to fool the clients and increase the budget of the clients. This is the reason I left my job and started my career as a Freelance SEO Expert in Delhi. Feel Free to contact me if you wish to discuss your project.

SEO works for every industry in a different manner. There are different strategies for every industry. Just like strategies for wedding planning the website will not work with travel websites.

I am SEO Expert understand this thing very personally and work on every project according to requirement. Work for clients in order to increase their sales and leads and decrease their budget.

Being SEO Expert I don’t apply every strategy or technique to every project, but I make strategies according to the project.

Freelancer SEO Expert in Delhi

What are the Signs of an Expert SEO Services Provider?

1. Follow the search engine guidelines.

2. Do not perform any black hat techniques.

3. Well aware of the search engine algorithms to work accordingly.

4. Use marketing strategies according to the project.

5. They are transparent to clients; they show their work instead of giving promises.

Explanation of Freelancer SEO Expert in Delhi about Search Engine Optimization

Let’s conclude SEO, it is a kind of marketing. The process of optimizing the content of your website to quality content which will help you to rank high on SERP.

Strategies for paid advertising and strategies for SEO organic campaign are completely different. You need to hire a dedicated best SEO expert Delhi just for doing your SEO work who is specialized in his work.

As earlier I have seen SEO is easy it just requires some steps to follow by SEO Experts. It is just needed to help search engines to let them crawl your website and then it indexes the website. And then required to optimize the content for search engines so that they can give the ranking in search results accordingly.

And now when people search on search engine then your ranked website is visible to them.

This is how Expert SEO works in order to give you the quantity and quality of traffic, more leads, more sales, and cost-effective marketing for you.


Is there any guarantee of rankings in SEO?

Let’s be transparent; there is no guarantee of rankings. A true SEO expert won’t commit a ranking guarantee. But in the market, many so-called seo experts and agencies give false commitment to rank any site within 1 or 2 months. But thats not true. We work slightly different. Here is our working method. We properly research your site competition, do competitors analysis, proper keyword researching. After that, we will give an estimate of how we work on your project and deliverables from our end monthly.

What is more important SEO or Google Ads?

Both services is beneficial for your business. We recommend starting with google ads till the time your organic rankings appear on google because SEO takes time to rank. Once your website rank on google then you can lower your google ads budget or stop it.

Why your services are different than other SEO services Provider?

Thats exciting question to ask. The difference is in work approach and business goals. We focus on long term goals of client. We won’t adapt activities which might harm client reputation online. For example, we offer high-quality link building that stays for a long time and stable client rankings. In the market people generally work on low-quality sites which is suitable for a short period of time. But later on, those sites got deindexed by google, which eventually affects their client rankings.

What is your payment cycle?

In our services, there is all 100% advance. But we know initially, it will take time to trust anyone before starting any work. For which we work like 50% payment before starting the work & pending 50% payment after 15 days of work report

What is the need to get SEO services for my website?

SEO makes your website more visible on the search engines. Also, it is helpful to make a search engine to know what your website is about. Thus, SEO services are very essential to improve your website and its ranking.

How is SEO profitable?

Yes, SEO is very profitable for your business. As you can easily promote your business through SEO program. Also, the results of SEO are organic. And, you achieve the best results for a long time.

Is it worth investing in SEO services?

Yes, it is always worth it to invest in SEO services. You can see results by hiring our SEO expert services. Also, SEO is the better solution to maintain your top search engine ranking for a long time. So, investing in SEO services will surely yield better results further.

How much time will it take for my site to attain top search engine rankings?

The time may vary depending on certain factors. Also, off-page optimization may take more time. And, it also depends on the keyword selection, content, etc. So, you can reach out to us to attain better and fast results.

Do you follow all the norms of Google?

Yes. It is necessary to follow the rules of Google. Also, it is vital for the long-term growth of traffic.

What kind of SEO work do you perform?

Sandeep Mehta is a professional SEO expert in Delhi. Offering various services to promote your product and services online. Also, the services include technical SEO, on-page and off-page optimization, content marketing, etc.

What things do you include in your SEO report?

The SEO report consists of the summary of all actions, search traffic and rankings, and conversions. So, you can know about the number of visitors converting in your sales funnel.

Where can I read the reviews about the best SEO services company in Delhi?

With search engine optimization, business sites grow their visibility and target audience for particular online searches. When it comes to reading reviews about the best SEO companies in Delhi, there’re many SEO agencies. Sandeep Mehta is the most trustable and affordable service provider.

Which is the best SEO agency in Delhi for website optimization?

Sandeep Mehta is the best company for website optimization! They also offer cost-efficient SEO packages and bespoke services for your personal needs.

What are the critical aspects of the top SEO service in Delhi?

One of the major marketing strategies of the top services in Delhi to build a successful internet business is SEO. Also, the process of tailoring your site to an Algorithm that search engines use to rank sites based on signals that the website emits.

Does the SEO promotion company in Delhi help to grow my business?

Whether your company is old or new, very successful or struggling, big or small, an SEO promotion agency is vital to any success. Every business needs an SEO Promotion Company in Delhi. It is the most viable and cost-efficient method to grow any business.

SEO firm in Delhi can help to keep your ranking in search engine outcomes. And this can make a significant impact on your business’s most crucial goals, like boosting leads and sales.

Will Delhi SEO Services Company survive with the new Google algorithm changes?

Every time, there’s a rumour that Google algorithm changes will put SEO agencies out of the game. Which is always boosts the panic via the SEO community.

Should you hire an SEO agency in Delhi for your business?

The short answer is yes: It makes sense to utilize an SEO Company in the long term for a business. And the ongoing strategy for driving revenue because that is what SEO does.

So, Hiring an SEO agency helps your company earn more from SEO by offering you access to advanced SEO experts and more.

Is it true that Delhi's top SEO Company can get your Website to the top of Google search results within a few days?

There is no short way to get your website to the top of Google search results within a few days. The ranking of every keyword depends upon target page content, keyword competition, optimisation and backlink strategy.

Why can't Search Engine Optimization companies in Delhi guarantee search engine rankings?

Search Engine rankings are inherently unstable. Because search Engine ranking for a particular keyword search can differ from one time to another. From one PC to another, which makes guaranteeing them a difficult proposition!

How many Backlinks are created monthly by the Delhi SEO agency for my Website?

The number of backlinks created by our company will depend on these factors.

  • Site niche
  • SEO competition for keywords
  • Site EMD
  • How many backlinks have previously been created on the target web?
  • You want to rank the inner or home page.

When we expect 1st-page rankings?

Honestly, it depends on our niche competition. If you want to target your services locally, then it takes 3-6 months for low competition niche. But for a high competition niche, you need to show some patience. As there is no shortcuts in success.

How to judge the quality of SEO Expert in delhi before hiring?

Best way to judge is to ask proper questions till the time you won’t feel satisfied. You can easily understand their experience and knowledge after interacting with the person. After that, you can ask them to show their work. Their client current and previous work status.

What are your service charges?

Our fees depend on work complexity. Generally, our basic package starts from INR 9000 for 12 Keywords.

How to rely on your SEO services?

You can entirely rely on the SEO services offered. Also, you can know about the previous successful projects and clients. And, the positive results are self-explanatory about the services.

In what ways do you improve the search engine rankings?

We follow the serious SEO strategies for your business. Like, target keywords, better and high-quality content, etc. are some ways to improve your ranking. Also, not every business requires the same strategies.

Why should one hire an SEO company?

SEO is a long-term process. Thus, it needs constant action on your website. Also, the SEO Company helps to create awareness about your brand, products, or services. Also, they aid you to stay ahead of your competitors.

What could be the possible reason that my site is not visible in search results?

There can be various reasons for this. Such as your site may not be SEO friendly. Also, it may be lacking quality content or backlinks. Thus, you can contact Sandeep Mehta to enhance your website.

I am already into PPC advertising. Do I still require investing in SEO?

Yes. Since PPC is costly and a short-term solution. And, investing in SEO will help you in the long-term.

What are the most suitable ways to optimize my website?

SEO contains several schemes to optimize your website. Thus, it is a great way to optimize your site.

Will backlinks affect my rankings?

Yes, backlinks help to improve your rankings. Also, these are more like positive votes for your site.

Why does SEO have periodic costs at regular intervals?

SEO is not a one-time expense. Since it is a very competitive industry. And, Google lets only 10 positions on the top page. Thus, to maintain and improve your ranking it is essential to continue SEO on a regular basis.  

How do SEO service providers in Delhi do off-page optimization to boost rank?

We efficiently process Off-page optimization to boost rank. Also, we adopt best practices to boost your popularity in Search Engines.

What makes an SEO firm the best among the top SEO companies in Delhi?

When it comes to top SEO companies, they understand the nuts and bolts of digital marketing. And, they’ll make sure that your website thrives in the competitive market. You’ll be assured of getting relevant traffic that’ll ultimately adapt to leads and sales.

Why should I opt for local SEO services in Delhi?

Local SEO services in Delhi help your site stands out. Even if you do not run a company or business site – and helps boost traffic to your premises via online leads. It also helps drive people’s decisions in favor of your company or business.

Where can I find an ROI-driven best SEO service in Delhi?

Sandeep Mehta is the best ROI Drive SEO service provider in Delhi. Also, we scale our ROI-drive best SEO services to be as straightforward or as complete as your budget allows. Though, we’ll guide you to what’s required to achieve outcomes. In turn, your site receives better traffic to drive increased sales.

Will the Delhi SEO firm help keep my ranking on the top constantly?

Top-quality, authoritative content is the top driver of your search engine rankings. There’s no substitute for enormous content. This is particularly true when doing search engine optimization marketing. So, quality content made specifically for your intended users boosts website ranking.

Which tools does best SEO Company Delhi use for increase Website ranking?

With our vast experience, Google tools are highly efficient.

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Keyword Planner Tool
  • Google Search Console
  • Google My Business
  • Google Mobile-Friendly Test
  • Google Correlate
  • Google Trends and many more.

Why do many SEO companies in Delhi hedge by telling clients, "It takes couple of months months to get outcomes"?

Because there’s no getting left from the reality that every search engine optimizaton endeavour takes little time, and search engines show only the highly relevant outcomes for a specified search inquiry.

Can I hire more than one search engine Optimization Company in Delhi for one Website?

When it comes to genuine work of content optimizing and code of your website, it’s not a great idea to have more than one SEO company in Delhi working on your website.

Using multiple SEO companies means each will have totally different approaches to things like navigation and structure, page titles, and many more.

Do I’ve any chance of getting my payment back from an SEO company that failed to provide the intended results?

Most SEO agencies in Delhi do not even consider offering a money-back guarantee. Because search engine optimization to rank keywords on search engines. So, there’s no time to boundation for keywords ranking on top place on SERPs.

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