How to Use Pinterest SEO to Dramatically Increase Site Traffic

Pinterest SEO

How to Use Pinterest SEO to Dramatically Increase Site Traffic

Pinterest has gained popularity because it is a visual search engine. It allowed people to actually see the end results of what they want or would be getting. It has a much longer shelf-life than most other SEO social media platforms. This will allow your work to stay online and gain traffic a lot more than Facebook or Twitter. SEO experts focus a lot on having a constructive online presence, that you can grow with time. It is considered to be one of the most important SEO platforms today. 

Just like any other Search Engine Optimization platforms, there are certain strategies that you will have to imply in order to have a good ranking on Pinterest. You will have to use targeted keywords to ensure that your posts are meeting the required expectations. But you will also have to do your own research and target keywords. But, the only difference in Pinterest is more related to social share and engagement metrics. This is what will get you the most amount of traffic because your pins can show up again and again whenever someone searches those keywords. This is where your research becomes very important because you want your work to be seen by everyone. The only way of ensuring that is by adding keywords. The layout of Pinterest allows the viewer to see multiple pins at once and share them. 

How Does Pinterest SEO Actually Work?

SEO Experts work on the engagement your Pinterest page has by making sure that a certain number of pins have been made from that account. But more importantly, it is the quality of pins that the shares are based on. Yes, you will have to be creative and generate interest in people about your posts. It does not mean that you will be blindly following a trend and not finding your creativity. Actually, that is the point of Pinterest, that you are bringing something new to the table. The more interest you generate, the more shares you can garner for yourself. 

There are many aspects of the final idea that you are presenting to Pinterest that can affect your growth on that platform. You will have to focus on making it eye-catching and graphic. Even if you are catering to something that is already on the platform, you can still add a few of your own ideas and innovation.

How Can I Make Sure that People Connect to My Business on Pinterest? 

  • You will have to set up a business account so that you have access to the business tools that Pinterest has to offer. These will allow you to reach as many people as possible. Pinterest allows you to link your website to your Pinterest page. This is a little technical but any SEO expert will set this up for you. You should add a Rich Pin here. These are different from the regular pins. They will pull up some extra information from your main website and have it ready for your use on Pinterest.  
  • You will have to constantly keep up with what is going on in social media. This will keep giving you new ideas and let you get more clicks your way. A detailed keyword search will help you narrow your down. You will have to ensure that your content matches those keywords as well.
  • Set up a Pinterest Board. People usually like to create their boards on Pinterest with similar ideas. This allows them creative freedom as well, to curate their social media experience. Keeping this in mind, you should already have a Pinterest board set for people to surf through. Make sure you make the most of the Board Description the best you can. While you can pin work from other accounts there, it is best for you to do most of your own work there.
  • Even though the shelf life of the pins is a lot as compared to other social media sites, it is best that you post frequently. This will make you a reliable source that people can depend on.   

In the end, you will have to keep sharing your work. You can go up on your other social media accounts and link your Pinterest account there. You have to let people know your presence on these sites. Even if you add the logos of your social media on your YouTube channel, for example. You can just link it through those videos as well. But the social media presence is something that you will have to cater to your targeted audience while bringing something new to the table.

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