Basic SEO Tips For Any Website


Basic SEO Tips For Any Website

Several businesses have been using many of the traditional marketing techniques for long years to promote their business. However, due to the advent of the internet, there has been a drastic change in the way of marketing. A website is one of the basic things to make your business-friendly on the internet platform. However, just having a website will not ensure that your business is growing as it will be viewed by only those viewers who have your website URL. Search Engine Optimization [SEO] is a way through which you can make your website and business information viewable to the maximum audience.

Today most people prefer search engines while searching for any of the products, services, or any related information. Here, most of the audience will view only those websites that are displayed on the first two-three pages. So, only business showing on the first two-three pages can gain maximum exposure. So, many businesses are now going for SEO. It is difficult for beginners to get acquainted with the SEO quickly, as their many of the activities involved here.

Here are some of the basic SEO tips for any website for getting their ranking higher in search engines:

1. Website analysis and setting 

When you are going for SEO, you need to first analyze the website thoroughly. You need to check the analytics setup of the website, the page speed on the website, the images, videos, etc. on the website. Now, it is also necessary that your website should be Responsive (workable on mobile devices). Here, you need to check the ranking, domain authority and page authority of the website before starting SEO activities. It will further help to quantify the results obtained against the activities done on SEO. 


 2. Keyword Research and analysis

Keywords are the basic things along which all the SEO activities revolve. Here, you should analyze the things which your target customers would be looking for when they search on the search engines. Generally, it is difficult to rank the generic keywords as many of the websites will be competing all around the world for ranking. One must go for targeted keyword phrases which are more than two words, they are easier to rank in the search engines. 


3. On-page optimization

Once you have shortlisted the keywords, your ON optimization process begins. Here, the keywords are incorporated into the website in important places like meta- tags, title tags, and the actual content of the website. Putting the keywords in the URL of the website can help to rank the website greatly. 

4. Off-page optimization

Off-page optimization involves link building activity. Here, you need to build links from more high-quality websites. Social bookmarking, directory submission, forum posting, link exchange, blog commenting, etc. are some of the link building activities. Off-page optimization brings more traffic to the website and increases the ranking in the search engines.        


These are some of the basic SEO tips for any website which help increase the ranking of the website. Doing all the SEO activities correctly can gain better results. 

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