Different Types of SEO Practices in the Digital World

Types of SEO

Different Types of SEO Practices in the Digital World

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the base of digital marketing right now. It affects many aspects of digital marketing now and it cannot be ignored at this time. While you may have gained a lot of information on SEO, there are still many aspects to the learnt about SEO. One of them being the different types of SEO practices in the digital world today. 

You may have gained a lot of understanding of the type of steps you need to take to optimize your web page. And you may have learnt a lot on SEO practices and strategies but they too are segregated into different types. They are mainly Black Hat SEO, Gray Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. There are different combinations and permutations to these. It depends on the guidelines of each search engine whether or not they classify something into each of these categories. 

But Why Do You Need SEO?

To simply put it, your website needs SEO to make your presence felt in the online world. You will be able to boost up your online ranking on search engines if your web page is well-optimized according to the guidelines of that particular search engines. However, most commonly, if you have your entire website optimised according to guidelines by Google, you will most likely rank high on other search engines as well. SEO is just the most basic way of generating organic traffic and enhancing the user experience of the people surfing through your web page.

SEO will make it easy for you to even boil down on your potential market as you will build a site that caters to their needs and wants. SEO experts focus on this aspect a lot because the content and social media marketing that you will do is determined by this. This helps you overall because, on social media sites, you have to be very particular about who your targeted audience is. The social media site will show the ads to those particular groups only. More importantly, for small businesses, this is a lot cheaper than print advertisement and other such print ads. 

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What is White Hat SEO?

It is the most popular and relevant type of SEO. It is as the title describes itself, it is what almost all search engines are looking for. This is because it actually uses all the proper techniques and strategies prescribed by the digital market and important search engines like Google. Any and all techniques in this type are what will enhance user experience through quality content and backlinking campaigns. The only plausible reason why anyone would not prescribe to these practices is that it does not show you growth overnight. It is a slow and gradual process but you need to have the clarity and understanding how the field and algorithms of digital marketing work. This is one of the main reasons you should get an SEO expert to help you with this journey. 

What is Black Hat SEO?

These are the SEO that essentially exists in the loopholes and gaps in the algorithms of digital marketing. Through this, they get a high ranking on the search engine. However, this ranking does not last for long and there are high chances of your website being fined and eventually blacklisted from that search engine. Such situations are extreme but they can arise if only black hat SEO is applied all throughout the site. If you are someone who is just starting out in their business online, you have to careful to not fall into these techniques. You can avoid this by contacting only a known SEO expert in your locality. If you are in Delhi, you have to hire the best SEO expert in Delhi to avoid such situations. Black Hat SEO can involve keyword stuffing, hidden text, link spamming among many others. 

What is Grey Hat SEO?

This is quite literally, as the name suggests, a combination of, both, white and black hat SEO. It is difficult to answer whether or not this is an ethical way of practising SEO because many SEO experts do employ these methods. They want to follow procedure but they also want to deliver onto the promises they have made to their clients. However, this may not always fall into the category of Black Hat SEO completely. 

This is also determined by the search engine itself sometimes because what may be ethical today may not be tomorrow. So, you have to be extremely aware of what you are doing by keeping up with the latest practices in SEO as well. The SEO expert and you, as a client, have to decide what is the right approach to take because this is ultimately dependent on the creators of the website. 

Why is Google so important in the field of Digital Marketing?

You cannot ignore guidelines set by Google as it holds most of the digital marketing share right now. Your site will lose a lot of credibility of your website cannot be found on Google. This is why it is important to adhere to the boundaries set by Google. It also offers you many SEO tools that will help you enhance your website, like Google My Business, Google Analytics for proper research on the kind of keywords you need to incorporate into the content of your website. Therefore, there is no point in being on the wrong side of Google in this case. And yes, they have made these tools available keeping small businesses in mind. 

Where to Find the Right SEO Expert for your Website?

In all honesty, you should find an SEO expert who is geographically accessible to you. While we are in a digital age and you can easily find an SEO expert online. But it is always better if you find a consultant in your locality itself. You can simply Google,’ SEO expert in Delhi‘ to get the best possible answer if you are in Delhi.