SEO Basics for Beginners in SEO Optimization

SEO Basics for Beginners

SEO Basics for Beginners in SEO Optimization

SEO(Search engine optimization) is the process of marketing strategy to improve the rankings on search engines. The SEO improves the website visibility, content quality, keywords, etc to rank the website higher according to the search engine’s algorithm. The SEO experts not only improve the ranking of the website but also drive traffic and sales to the website. 

There are many fresher freelance SEO experts in Delhi wishing to make a career in the SEO field. Here is an article that can help freelance SEO experts at the beginner level.

Following are the five basic and fundamental steps to become prominent in SEO:

Know the customer requirements: The first thing that the SEO experts need to look into is the customer’s requirements. The website should be designed according to the customer’s requirements. The website cannot be optimized without knowing what the customers are searching for. 

The customer’s search should be clear to you so that you can design the website accordingly. Like, if your website is about any institute located at any place, say Delhi, then there is the highest probability that the people will search “best institute in Delhi”, etc. So for making the website search efficient and optimize the title tags with the most searched keywords related to the content.

The freelance SEO experts in Delhi provide the correct and proper keywords for the website. There are other keywords also that people can use to search. So make sure that you have used related keywords in the content to optimize the search of your website. The SERP provides the ranking based on the number of keywords used and the traffic your website gets.

You can get some of the keywords by typing the query in the search bar of Google but don’t hit enter. Google shows the suggestions that are the most frequent searches related to that topic. You can use these keywords in the website content.

To attract the target customers to your website you need to create useful content. Search for the most popular and engaging topics related to your field and create content regarding it. 

Structured pages: Apart from keywords, you also need to create web pages in an optimized way so that the search engine crawlers go throughout the web page efficiently. The well-structured web pages and proper use of keywords rank your website higher. 

The structured pages are important as it enhances the user experience and thus increases traffic also. 

The structured web pages include shorts and descriptive URLs, meta titles, title tags, use of headers and sub-headers, etc. The image should be optimized and it should contain alternative text to help Google know what the image is all about.

Accessible to both humans and search engines: While designing the website it should be clear that it should be easily accessible by both bots of the search engine as well as the humans. For easy accessibility, ensure that the website loads faster. Make sure that the website is mobile-friendly. Create a sitemap which is an XML file that keeps the list of all pages of the website.

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