Who is an SEO Expert?

Who is an SEO Expert

Who is an SEO Expert?

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the process that increases the ranking of the website on search engines like Google and Bing. The SEO increases the traffic on the website by enhancing the quality and visibility of your website. The SEO expert or SEO consultants analyze, review, and improve the performance of the website and increase its ranking on search engines.

The search engine works on an algorithm to provide higher rankings to the website. To better understand, suppose you published your website, say education website, on Google. How can you assure that the people will visit your website? If you search on the Google education website you will come across 1000 websites from which the user goes through the top results shown on the first page only. So here comes the role of SEO, it helps you increase the quality; visibility thus increases the traffic on your website. This ultimately helps you to improve the ranking on Google.

The role of SEO experts mainly focuses on the content of the website and the keywords used. The keywords play a very important role in uplifting the ranking. Whenever the user enters the keywords the search engine shows the results accordingly. The search engine algorithm works on delivering reliable, useful and informational content and better user experience. The search engine has crawlers that go through every website’s index page and gather information about the content.

The SEO specialist works on many factors to improve the ranking of your website. They mainly work on content management, quality of content, keywords used, visibility of the website, structured data, etc.

The responsibilities of an SEO expert have been discussed below:

Optimize the web page: The professional SEO expert executes the on-page SEO mechanical elements. The on-page mechanical elements include URL of your website, keywords used in the content, title tag of your website, modifiers in the blog, etc.

Correct keywords research: The SEO expert helps you with the correct keyword to be used to increase the traffic on the website. 

Better user experience: Optimize the web page content for better user experience by maximizing the page views. The experienced SEO consultant also helps to increase click-through rates in the search engine results page. They help to increase the time spent on the site.

Resolve Technical SEO issues: The technical SEO expert diagnose technical SEO issues like 404 errors, 301/302 redirects, crawl errors, plagiarism of content, broken links, server errors, robot.txt file, etc.

Improve website visibility: They examine and diagnose website visibility. This includes checking Google indexing status, the efficiency of HTML code, the content visible on the website, keyword and traffic statistics.

Content development: The SEO expert helps you to provide some added value content for your website which is relevant to the topic around which your website revolves. They suggest some content for stronger pages to improve the ranking according to Google’s algorithm.

Proper internal linking structure: The experienced SEO experts ensure that whether the internal linking is proper or not. The internal linking is very important for better website usability. It also enables a crawlable link structure.

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