7 Best SEO Techniques

Best SEO Techniques

7 Best SEO Techniques

Every website owner wants more traffic from Google in the coming year. Only attracting traffic is not enough, you need to attract unique visitors to your website to increase your ranking. The SEO techniques used by freelance SEO expert in Delhi are discussed in this article. These tactics will help your website not only attract traffic to your website but also improve the ranking of the website.

1. Use Google RankBrain: Google has recently announced its machine learning algorithm Google RankBrain. This algorithm measures the interaction of the user with the top results on the first page. Google RankBrain checks how many people are clicking on your website. This tells that the users like your website and thus the Google RankBrain boosts your website to the top results.

The freelance SEO expert increases the click-through rate(CTR) of the website by adding numbers to the title and description tag. This will increase the CTR organically ad thus will optimize the website.

2. Repost the old blogs by updating it: Another way to attract traffic is to republish the old posts by updating the content. You can add some case studies or some more facts and figures to update the content. This attracts more traffic to the webpage.

3. Use Adwords Ads to title and description tag: There is no doubt that more organic clicks result in higher Google rankings. Attractive title and description of the website attracts more organic visitors to the website. For attractive titles, you can copy the keywords from the Google Adwords ad. These keywords will serve as click magnets for your website.

4. Use the best keywords of competitors: For attracting click-through rate(CTR) and optimize your website you can either use random keywords or you can use the keywords that the competitors are already ranked for. Using the competitor’s keywords on your website helps a lot and requires less effort.

5. Use internal links: It might be possible that Google’s search results are showing page 34. It is also possible that the content may get stuck on the 2nd or 3rd page if not optimized well as per SEO requirements. So to avoid this you can use internal links.

6. Short blog post on YouTube descriptions: The first page of the Google search results are dominated by YouTube video results. To increase the ranking of YouTube video write a video description of more than 200 words. As the Google crawlers are not going to watch out your video they go through the video’s title and description and rank them accordingly.

7. Optimize the content: Google has launched its new search algorithm called Hummingbird. This algorithm not only looks for the keywords but also understand the topic of the web page. This ability to search by understanding the topics and rank the search results is known as Semantic search. 

To improve semantic SEO, the SEO freelance Delhi will optimize your web page around the topic keyword. Then use the related keywords that revolve around that topic. Then he will find sub-topics related to the main topic using a tool called LSIGraph. This tool optimizes the semantic SEO.         

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