Guide to SEO Audit

SEO Audit

Guide to SEO Audit

If you build it, they will come…


Only if you build it the right way!


We can think of an SEO as an evaluation of a website that grades the site for its ability to appear in search engine results pages(SERPs).

Now, people question why SEO Audit is important?

It plays a major role in today’s digital era because it identifies strengths, weakness and potentials of your website for long term success.

I also thought that AUDIT was just for the company’s financial records, books, accounts, statutory records and what not!

BUT, now in this fast and digital booming world, everything going on a digital platform is examined, recorded, tested, monetized which discloses a true and fair view of the concern.


      MNCs, e-commerce sites, big websites hire IT professionals or SEO Audit team to nail their site’s SEO and boost their search traffic, this process takes days or weeks to complete as they process the request and audit step by step and it can be expensive as they charge for every process followed, they also have different set package for SEO Audit. If you can bear the expenses of the SEO Audit team with all your means go ahead and hire them! But, if you are a beginner, running a start-up, running small business and website, creating content and managing social media page single-handedly and can’t afford the expenses of IT professionals you can also do your SEO Audit by yourself by just doing some research, following some steps and I promise you won’t need a degree in Computer Science to follow along! You just need few tips-and-tricks, a bit of research will do your work without burning your pocket.


**Keep in mind, if your site is HUGE, thousands of pages it may take longer than a few hours or

a day. For small to medium-sized sites it will just take a few hours!


Here’s a breakdown of the steps and tips for  the SEO audit :

  • Check for the issues that holding your traffic and site back.
  • Note down the problems, uncover them for easy to fix process.
  • Analyse content and use Google Analytics to analyze traffic,ads, organic search.
  • Backlink analysis (backlinks are linking with branded or generic anchors).
  • A content gap analysis will acquire filtering your content and involve deleting a load of pages that are considered as low quality and drag your whole site down.


Analysation of digital content, SEO writing, monetizing,  traffic management in simple words “SEO Audit” takes time, these all processes done by It takes a lot of research, data analysis and most important patience! By the time your research and steps that you follow will help you to understand the undergoing process and how can you make it good ,better and best every time you conduct the Audit not only for your finance but also for your digital content. Sometimes it happens, when your SEO Audit gets completed it will make you feel to want to back and edit your content as your analytics start to give you specific insights. Even if you don’t hit your gold on your first try, you can keep perfecting your piece of content until it starts to rank. Don’t you worry you can easily take help from digitally active friends and people you know to know about what’s trending digitally and the ideas to conduct SEO audit or you can hire content writing services, IT professionals and SEO team which are taking hype nowadays in the digital world?


As we all say, “Practice makes you perfect!”

So practice, focus, hustle and one day you will definitely crack that code! 

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