SEO And Its Importance In Today’s Time

SEO and its importance

SEO And Its Importance In Today’s Time

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation has become one of the most important and technical parts of
the art of writing for the internet, and especially the search engines, in today’s tech-savvy and
highly competitive times. It has become an integral part of designing the content for the online
publicity of the companies in modern times. SEO, since its advent in 1997, has been majorly
responsible for bringing in the ‘skill’ in the ‘art’ of writing. It was found with the intention of
directing the internet traffic to the targeted websites by a strategic use and placements of words
in its content, which are also known as ‘keywords’, thus increasing the company’s visibility and
a possible increase in its share of clients and, eventually, success.

SEO writing is a form of writing which blends quite a few factors together. Using SEO to
own’s advantage to increase the flow of traffic to the site to increase its visibility amongst people
on the internet involves taking care of a lot of factors together to create something which satisfies
both the artistic heart of producing a good piece of writing and a skilled thought-process of
planning and producing content which has enough keywords used and placed strategically to
ensure good flow of online traffic to the targeted website. To utilize this PR tool effectively, here
are some of the important factors to be taken care of while producing an SEO-friendly content
which is high on quality and searchability –

1. Target audience – A product is always manufactured with its target audience in mind, and
SEO articles are no different. A company should always be aware of its target audience before
setting up to write content. This gives the company a framework to work in and introduce the
targeted SEO words within the article to increase its visibility on the search engines.

2. Research – Research is an essential step in producing anything which is for a set of audience.
Research involves an extensive study on the target age group, their online surfing habits, doing
surveys, collecting the data, changing it into statistical form for ease of reading and
understanding, and then preparing the content accordingly keeping in mind the results available
from all the above researches conducted. This helps in better utilization and implementation of
the SEO techniques in the content being produced and posted online, thus enhancing the
visibility of the company on online platforms.

3. Keywords – Choosing the right set of keywords is undoubtedly one of the most important
factors in the effective utilization of the SEO techniques. The selection of keywords for content
depends majorly on the results generated by the extensive online research and surveys of the
targeted audience as discussed in point 2. This ensures that the content is in sync with the online
searching habits of the targeted audience, having a better chance of visibility amongst the online
traffic, thus increasing the visibility of the company on online search engines and results.

SEO, since its advent, has completely changed the rules and the face of writing with the
purpose of online publicity. It has beautifully merged the art of writing with the tactical mind of
business. With the companies all around the world increasingly identifying the importance and
investing heavily in online publicity, SEO optimization is a trend which is here to stay and enjoy
a prolonged stay as an essential strategically-important tool for effective online publicity of a
product of a company.