What, Why and How to do SEO?

What, Why and How to do SEO

What, Why and How to do SEO?

Nowadays, with an increasing number of websites and online feeding of people, the amount of competition among content providers is increased.
You might provide the best products but it can’t get better marketing until your online availability is Search Engine Optimized(SEO).

What is SEO

What are Search Engines?

Search engines are all those software systems which let you search online over the world wide web(www). For example Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini etc.

Search Engines
They all have a particular way of searching which can be optimised so that it can

list your content or product at the first place before anyone else’s.


How to do Search Engine Optimisation?

It does require qualified people to filter your content and alter the source code of your content in an optimised pattern for the best SEO results.

But there are some small tactics which can be done by normal web users for making their content Search Engine Optimised, which are as follows:

1. Use of keywords:​ ‘Keyword’ is a term which is frequently used in SEO, it simply means using such words which are regularly browsed/searched by people all over the web. Higher the number of keywords matched by the search engine in your content, higher the number of chances that it will be listed above than those contents having a lesser number of keywords.


For example: Since this article is about SEO, I have used Search Engine Optimisation/SEO – 5 times. Hence, my article over the web will be listed above than all those articles which are having less than 5 words of SEO.

Usually, the keywords are the gist of your content as this article is related to SEO hence its keywords can range from SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, Search engine, web browser.


2. Increase your page loading speed:​ As for potential consumers, a slow site is a fraud site or a site with a high amount of spam.

Page Load Time
Therefore, this strategy follows a simple rule, whichever content takes a reduced amount of internet will open first hence increasing the number of people visiting your website instead of those which takes 5-10 minutes of buffering to open. This can be achieved by using images/videos/audios of compressed formats or of lower MBs(megabyte).


3. Providing links:​ Instead of the whole description of some basic concept providing the link will reduce the length of your content, making it more readable and it will also reduce your whole internet usage required for loading the web page.

Some spam and advertising sites also misuse this technique, to advertise their content irrespective of the keywords they use do not have any relation with the product they provide.

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